Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Internship starts!

  Yesterday was my first work day in Outreachy Program under moVirt project, so I'm starting this blog to share my progress and experience during my internship which will lasts the whole summer. I'm gonna post once every two weeks and will write about what have happened during those two weeks.

  As this is my first post and work only begins I'll mark here my plans with moVirt project. The main feature which I'm about to implement it is augmented reality for moVirt which will help maintain servers running oVirt. The point is to mark every server with sticker with some graphical code such as Data Matrix or QR-code (barcode), then focus camera of your smartphone or tablet and you'll see info about virtual machines running on this current host you are looking at.

  My first task was to find any appropriate lib for Android device which will handle barcode processing and suitable to implement inside moVirt app. My eye falls on ZXing Library, it perfectly fits requirements:
  • it could be integrated into android app
  • it's free and open-source under Apache licence
  • it supports many types of barcodes so we can switch between them if necessary

  During upcoming days I'm gonna study documentation for this lib find some examples and tutorials. Also I will try to write some test code for moVirt.

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